WordPress 2021: What is it and what we use it for?


Online publishing platforms or “content management systems” have evolved in recent years, making it possible for anyone to easily and rapidly build a website or blog using WordPress.

There are many free and easy-to-use programs and services available. These tools are designed for Western bloggers and authors who write in English or its derivatives. Initially, most of these programs had trouble writing other languages, especially those written from right to left, like Arabic.

Today, large companies like Google have discovered that there are billions of people who use languages other than English, and this represents a big industry and traffic for them. As a result, more free programs now support languages like Chinese, which is written from top to bottom, as well as languages written from right to left.

The first question or decision is: Will you use a free hosting package or will you host your own site? However, the “strength” of the software, that is, the number of services available and your ability to control them, is what makes the difference.

Your site name will be digital-busines.blogspot.com if you subscribe to Blogger (issued by Google). Blogger owns your site and can erase it at any time if you write anything opposed to its politics.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free, open-source software created to manage blogs but is nowadays used to handle all types of content. You can upload it to your hosting service and modify it as you wish.

Why should I use WordPress?

There are several reasons for using WordPress, of which the most essential are:

  1. It supports multi-languages
  2. Free and Open Source
  3. Easy to install and use (WordPress is famous for being easy to install, which takes no more than minutes)
  4. Provides thousands of plugins to improve its usability
  5. It meets search engine needs in an exceptional way
  6. Well known and popular (used by millions of people)

How does free hosting (wordpress.com) vary from self-hosting (wordpress.org)?

While WordPress offers free hosting for its wordpress.com Website, the accessible features, and website control capabilities compared to the hosting version are so limited. For instance, you cannot locate PHP files that control many important elements, such as how the date is shown.

What is WordPress structure?

Two main programming languages are used by WordPress: CSS and PHP. The first relates to the shape and design of the blog or website, and the second relates to the content. You will notice that it contains multiple PHP files and one (typically) CSS file, called style.css when you upload a WordPress theme. This file controls all look and feels features, including colors, fonts, patterns, sizes, and backgrounds. Of course, the content of this file varies based on the template. Templates also differ in terms of their PHP files. The data is stored in a custom MySQL database.

What are WordPress plugins?

WordPress 2021: What is it and what we use it for? - MarketingLoup

WordPress plugins are applications for adding new functions and features to your WordPress website. Obviously, there are tens of thousands of these applications, each with its own purpose and job. For instance, Yoast SEO is a plugin that helps you in SEO.

Do I have to be a PHP expert?

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is because you don’t have to know the programming architecture and the different languages. However, if you want to create a professional blog, you need to have a good understanding of these twists.

Do I have to create a WordPress template?

WordPress 2021: What is it and what we use it for? - MarketingLoup

No. You can utilize thousands of free templates. However, for free templates, their quality remains low and many other users use them as well. Therefore, buying a professional template is a perfect idea.

How do I start to use WordPress?

Now you may be asking, “How do I start WordPress?

WordPress is free again. Yep, that’s right — 100% free. You can start today in just a few steps with a WordPress website.

You only need a few things to get WordPress started:

  • A good Web hosting  
  • Domain Name
  • Software for WordPress installed on your site (most web hosts will handle this for you.)
  • If you would rather to utilize the hosted WordPress version accessible on WordPress.com, just establish a WordPress.com account to get started.


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