Email MarketingWhat is Email Marketing? Ultimate Beginners Guide 2022

What is Email Marketing? Ultimate Beginners Guide 2022

Although email marketing belongs to the old marketing school, and some marketers believe its impact has decreased, it is still considered one of the most powerful and essential digital marketing channels. It is a necessary part of any online business’s marketing strategy.

It works alongside  the other marketing channels.

In fact, email marketing will continue to be an important marketing element because everything that happens on the Internet is connected to email in some way or another, as it is the first and most important formal method of communication on the Internet.

Email marketing is valuable to e-commerce experts, and the return on investment in email marketing is usually higher than in most other marketing channels.

Furthermore, email is one of the finest channels for connecting with interested customers and sharing the newest news, products, and services with an audience that already knows you, so it’s time to leverage that most effective and revenue-generating marketing channel.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective e-marketing strategies for generating highly targeted customers to your company’s website or online store.

Email marketing is dependent on communication between a business and its target users. It is a marketing strategy that allows you to send marketing messages to users who have already visited your website.

To understand the importance of email marketing, simply open your email. You will see messages from Facebook informing you that you have new friend requests, along with a link to return to your account.

You will see messages from online stores you have previously purchased from informing you that there are products for you and messages from some websites informing you that new content has been published to the website.

And there are many, many other marketing messages; in fact, no successful business on the Internet does not use Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Benefits

Email Marketing

1. Easily modify the tools used to get your mailing list.

Simply sign up for an email marketing service (such as MailChimp or Constant Contact), place the company code on your website or landing page, and begin collecting your mailing list.

Of course, you may set the messages to automatically reach each subscriber based on your unique plans; everything can be set up as you choose.

2. The cheap cost in addition to benefits that can be obtained.

All you have to do is pay the company that provides email marketing services, use the same users you already have, and you will get double benefits.

As we stated at the beginning of this article, email marketing has a return on investment that is unmatched by any other marketing channel.

3. The ability to properly measure results

Through Email Marketing company services, you can easily track the results in how many opened the email, how many received it, the number of people who clicked on the link in the message, etc.

How To Get Started With Email Marketing

To enter the world of Email Marketing, you must first have an email list, which can be obtained in one of two ways: buy a mailing list or build your own email list.

If you decide to purchase an email list, you should be aware of several risks.

Many marketers in the field of email marketing do not recommend purchasing an email list, therefore if you want to enter the field of email marketing, you must build your own mailing list.

1. If you own a business and you have a website

In this case, you must display a subscription form on your website, and you must also encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list by offering them a free book, for example.

2. If you work in the affiliate marketing industry

In this case, you should create a Landing Page, which serves as a bridge between visitors and the advertiser’s page (which may be a product selling page or a specific offer page).

And you must have a convincing reason for the visitor to subscribe to your email list, such as offering them a free book or making subscribing to the email list a required step before accessing the advertiser’s website.

How to do email marketing?

Email marketing is mainly based on the proper setup and adjustment of the email marketing system. It is dependent on the method that you must set up, monitor the performance, and make the required changes to optimize the results.

Here’s how to do email marketing in various steps:

1. Building the system

Email marketing has a different system that distinguishes it from the other types of digital marketing. In order to begin the email marketing strategy, a system must first be built.

This system is divided into the following parts:

1.1 Sign up for one of the email marketing services.

They are services for collecting and managing email lists, in which the data of email list subscribers (name, e-mail, etc.) is kept and saved.

Messages are automatically sent to subscribers via it based on settings (the most important providers of this service will be discussed later).

1.2 Create a form to capture user information.

There are various types of forms, some of which appear as a pop-up window, while others appear in the site’s content or on a page.

Sometimes, user information is collected during the registration process on the sites. For example, opening a Facebook account asks you to give your name and email address. This information is then used to send you messages without requiring you to register in a separate form.

1.3 Creating a link between the email list subscription form and the Email Marketing service.

This is done by the use of a code provided by the service provider company and placed on the site to handle out the data transfer process.

Although this is a technical process, it is not difficult for non-techies to do, and most email marketing providers have videos and informative documents on how to link the service to your site.

if you are using WordPress, you can use this plugin, is available to WordPress and MailChimp users.

1.4 Build your brand’s identity.

Email marketing businesses allow you to build a unique design for the emails you send to subscribers, such as integrating your brand logo and choosing specific colors to utilize (by creating HTML messages).

It also allows you to use images or build an Embed from your store for select products, as well as provide contact information (such as the website link, email address, company name, and social media page icons).

1.5 Configuring the messaging system.

Messages are the final marketing exit point from the email marketing process, and they are set by the email marketing company and sent automatically following specified rules.

And the messages here are the ones that will provide you with marketing benefits, but you must understand that not every message you will send to the email list subscribers is a marketing message.

Let us categorize the messages sent via the email marketing system as follows:

Messages sent regularly:

These are messages that are sent automatically in response to a specific action taken by the user, the most important of which are:

  • Activation email (which is sent to the new subscriber, which contains a link to activate the email address).
  • A welcome message for the new subscriber (which is sent after activating the email to congratulate the subscriber for joining the mailing list).

It is worth noting that the regular messages are sent once at the start of email marketing, and they are frequently not altered because they are fixed objects, but they can be changed or amended as desired.

Marketing messages:

These are promotional communications that you send to your email list, such as:

  • A weekly message with links to new content on your site.
  • A message with special deals on certain products from your online store.
  • Reminder about abandoned shopping carts.

These messages are usually sent automatically, but they are frequently adjusted based on the marketing strategy you are following.

You’re now ready to start using email marketing to improve your business’s marketing.

2. Building an email list

In email marketing, this is known as Opt-in, and another important term is Double Opt-In. The first differs from the second. In the first, the signup process is completed as soon as the information is entered.

The email address must be activated in Double-Opt-In by sending an email message with a special link, which the user must click on to activate the signup in the email list.

Of course, all email marketing experts recommend building Double Opt-In email lists.

Building an email list is challenging, and it requires marketing efforts and many experiments and tests to achieve the best possible results.

The key to successfully building an email list is to provide users with a convincing reason to subscribe to the email list (such as appearing as a brand or giving them good content).

For example, if you buy from Amazon, you will confidently check the reception of promotional messages on your email because the company is well-known. Also, if you find a site with good content, you will confidently sign out the email list signup form.

3. Start sending out marketing messages

Because this process is related to system settings, sending marketing messages to users manually is challenging.

From here, the system’s usefulness becomes clear; for example, you can schedule a monthly message featuring the best-selling products in your online store.

You can send marketing messages to users on a weekly, monthly, or every 15-day basis, and this is not all that the system allows you to do; there are many other advanced options through which email list subscribers can be classed and private messages sent to them based on their categorization.

For example, you could send a message to every shopper who has gone three days without completing a purchase after leaving a shopping cart.

Here’s an example: 
“Hello Mathias,
You chose some products to buy three days ago but did not complete the purchase.

We are contacting you to remind you that the products you chose are still available in our store, and you can login to your account and complete the purchase process with a single click of a button by clicking the link below.”

Write an attractive email address to increase open, click-through rate, and conversion?

Because the headline of the email is the most important line in the entire content of your email, you should follow the advice of experts, such as:

    • Never send an email without an address since it makes a bad impression on the receiver and is classified as spam for free email services (such as Gmail).
    • Do not send an email with a very long or very short email, as this gives a bad impression to the receiver.
    • Do not send an email with a fake headline to increase the opening rate since this will negatively impact the long term.
    • Include the email address’s username.
    • Use the question form to attract users’ interest.
    • Keep the headline simple and focused on the main point of the content.
    • Use an eye-catching and exciting headline, such as “Your marketing strategy is failing because you are not thinking in the right direction” (an excellent headline for a blog about digital marketing).
    • Do not write a headline that exposes the message’s content.
    • If at all possible, use numbers.

Top 8 Best Email Marketing Services

As explained previously, the function of email marketing service providers help develop a complete system for collecting and storing subscriber data and configuring and managing the system for automatically sending messages.

In short, email services offer you everything that you need from a technical standpoint to begin marketing via email, and the following are some of the most features that email services provide you:

    • Email marketing services are a system that stores the data of users who have subscribed to your email lists.
    • Provides user data capture form templates.
    • It allows you to automatically send the messages you wish to send based on your specific commands.
    • Provides you with HTML message templates and forms that you can customize.
    • Gives you reliable stats on how many people open messages, click on links, unsubscribe, etc.
    • Allows you to upload and use pre-made email lists (according to certain conditions).
    • Allows you to obtain a copy of your mailing lists.

Of course, each service has different features and advantages, and you may find more features in some services. Most of them provide monthly paid plans based on the size of the email list, while some companies offer free plans with very limited features.

Here is a list of the best Email Marketing service providers:


Email marketing is a very effective and highly profitable channel because you can easily and cheaply expand your mailing list, and you can even start it for free.

I hope you found this article helpful and inspired to use email marketing in your future plans. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.


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