Affiliate MarketingHow to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2022

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Making money online is a goal for many of us, and I believe you are one of them. And, since you’ve chosen the field of CPA for profit, I think you’re on the right path. This complete guide to making money from affiliate marketing (CPA) will provide you with everything you need to start earning your first thousand dollars from the Internet. 
what you’ll learn in this guide:

  • A basic introduction of CPA and all the terms and information you need to know.
  • Top Affiliate Programs – CPA Affiliate Programs
  • How to pick a profitable niche.
  • A step-by-step guide to earning money through CPA.
  • Important suggestions to help you earn quicker and outperform your opponents.

What is Affiliate Marketing CPA?

CPA Marketing, which stands for Cost Per Action, is a type of Affiliate Marketing in which the marketer gets a commission when a customer completes an order—for example, performing a survey, collecting data, or purchasing a product.
Assume you own a product and want to advertise it so that as many people as possible use it to make a profit, thus you may use advertisements or blog content on your website or on YouTube to promote it.
Instead, you may hire professional marketers, and if they are successful in getting someone to download your app, you can pay them a commission.

In brief, this is affiliate marketing, and because of the large number of businesses that want to promote their services and products and a large number of marketers, the so-called affiliate programs were created.

Important CPA terms you need to know

There are some terms that, if you understand them first, will make the field of CPA easier for you.

1- Conversion rate

It is the ratio of total traffic to the offer page and the number of persons who complete the sale.
For example, if 100 users visit the offer page and only 10 people take advantage of the deal, the conversion rate is 10%.

2- Vertical

It is also known as the Niche. Such as health, beauty, games, and others niches.
While some marketing experts recommend you to focus on a single niche to become a specialist, others recommend you to try different niches, especially if you are a beginner.

3- Cost Per Lead (CPL)

The term CPL (Cost Per Lead) is used when promoting offers that need the customer to submit certain information, such as a phone number, address, or email.

4- Affiliate link

When you join an affiliate marketing program and want to promote a certain offer, you receive what is known as an affiliate link. This is a unique link that enables the affiliate program to track any marketer who promotes the same offer, ensuring that revenues are allocated correctly.

5- Earnings per click (EPC)

The term (EPC – Earnings Per Click) refers to the average profit earned by any marketer for each affiliate link click.
Affiliate networks use EPC to analyze different offers; for example, if 100 marketers promote the same offer, what is each marketer’s average profit per click?

epc formula 1
EPC Formula

It’s simple to understand, the marketers’ total revenues (100 in this case) are calculated and then divided by the total clicks generated by these marketers.
And the higher this number, the more profitable the offer. Do not worry, i will explain how to choose the best offers to promote later.

6- Publisher

The publisher is the marketer who promotes the product or the service; this is how affiliate programs refer to it, i want to note it to you guys so that you are not confused if you come across it in any affiliate program.

7- Affiliate Manager

The affiliate manager is the person assigned by the affiliate network to assist marketers in their work, and the more successful you are as an affiliate marketer, the more interested the affiliate manager is about you.
Try to maintain and strengthen your relationship with the affiliate manager, as it will benefit you in the future, as he can provide you with exclusive offers to promote exclusively for you, and he can also assist you in increasing profit from a specific offer that you promote, especially if you generate a lot of revenue.
Additionally, it might assist you in obtaining earnings quickly (often daily), especially if you achieve good outcomes.

8- Bridge Pages

One of the most effective strategies to promote affiliate offers is not to direct your traffic straight to the offers’ pages.
And thus, the name (Bridge Pages) was developed, which marketers use to convince visitors about the offer’s quality and get their email addresses for promoting other offers.
Usually, these pages are referred to as (Pre-Landers), and I will show you an excellent and effective way to use these pages later.

Top CPA Networks

1. AdWork Media

adworkmedia homepage
adworkmedia homepage

AdWork Media is an excellent CPA network for those just getting started, and it was one of the first to offer content and product lockers.

AdWork Media offers monthly performance bonuses, which is a good benefit. Every publisher (affiliate marketer) can activate up to seven bonuses every month to earn up to a 20 percent bonus in commissions.

As a website owner, it is possible to make money from content that isn’t visible or if you have a website or product with high-traffic and you want to make money from it.

Using a content locker to monetize your website is often more profitable than using Google AdSense, for example.

The minimum payout at AdWork Media is only $35, making this CPA company a great option for those just starting out.

source: nethustler

2- Maxbounty

maxbounty homepage
maxbounty homepage

It contains a wide range of deals in nearly every industry, and it works worldwide. The minimum payout is $50. After 15 days, and after that, weekly. 
After 15 days, and after that, weekly.  There are several ways to get your money: Payoneer and Paypal.
Many expert marketers consider Maxbounty Network as the top CPA network globally because of the high quality and profitability of the offers and the close collaboration between affiliate managers and other marketers.

Many profitable niches can be found in these two affiliate networks; however, there are many others, such as:

Top CPA Niches

Here are a few things you should know about CPA before we get into the basics of how to get started and how to promote offers.
A wide range of businesses use CPA marketing to promote their products and services under affiliate marketing.

Top CPA Niches:

  • Gaming
  • Mobile apps
  • Health (Weight loss – Fitness)
  • Financial matters (Finance services – Insurance)
  • Software
  • Dating
  • gambling

The majority of these businesses rely on third-party content creators and marketers to promote and market their products and services in order to generate leads or sell products and services directly to customers.

How to start CPA marketing?

The first method: 
Owning a content platform is the first strategy to consider (website, YouTube channel, Instagram account)
CPA marketing may not be your primary source of revenue, but you may rely on it to increase your revenue.
Assuming, for example, that you run a gaming-related website and earn from ads (AdSense), you can promote CPA offers for games and improve your revenues.
Alternatively, if you want to master this strategy, you can create a new gaming website or YouTube channel and use it for advertising various affiliate offers.

First method Benifits:

  • Because you have a relationship with your audience, traffic conversion is relatively easy.
  • A variety of methods (Facebook Messenger, Email Marketing, etc.) can be used to promote your offers.
  • Using this strategy requires a significant investment of time and effort (making articles, videos).
  • At the same time, you can promote a variety of offers in the same niche, or even in other niches that may be of interest to your audience,
  • The same audience can be used again in the future.
  • Building pre-landing pages to boost conversion rates and testing various offers will help you raise your earnings.

The second method: direct promotion

In this method, you promote the offer directly, and you can drive the traffic directly to the offer page using your affiliate link. Many marketers use this method.
However, you may use pre-landers to generate traffic and direct it to the landing page.

Second method Benifits:

  • You must rely on paid traffic to archive good profit.
  • It doesn’t take long to see results.
  • You need money to make money.
  • Promotion of various products and services in different niches.
  • The best traffic sources, offers, and promotion strategies can all be collected using this method.

Marketers typically rely on the second method since it has more advantages than the first, but both have their drawbacks.
When you mix the two ways, you can have the best of the two and avoid any potential drawbacks.

How to make money from CPA?

To help get a clear picture,  In order to make money using affiliate marketing (CPA), you must follow these steps.

1- Choose a niche

Before I explain how to choose a CPA niche, you may be wondering how the conversion may work.
In other words, what will motivate users to click on your link and complete the action (purchase, fill a form.. etc.)?
So that you receive your commission, the simple answer is to provide something interesting or something to help the user solve a problem.

Take a look at the following offers:

  • Get a Lead to try Software A for two weeks for free.
  • purchase B app.
  • Collecting contact information for customers who are interested in purchasing vehicle insurance (Lead).

See my strategy for promoting these offers here:

  • I’ll create a landing page that highlights the problems that Software A solves and includes a link to the trial.
  • I will create a landing page that highlights the features of the B app, and I may also include guidelines or information that interested users may need if they purchase the app through my link.
  • A video that explains the problems that those who do not insure their cars experience, as well as how they can fix their problem and find the insurance package that is right for them.  I should include my affiliate link to the offer.

You will see the following if you look closely:

  • The first offer is the easiest to promote.
  • In terms of conversions, the second offer is possibly the most difficult.
  • The third offer will require the most effort.

First, think about the value you can add and how you can convince clients based on your abilities, passions, and budget when choosing a niche.
And If you think it’s not easy, think again. You’ll learn all that you need to know about the subject with time.
Additionally, if you keep reading, you’ll have an easier time getting started with all of this.

  1. Gaming niche: a great niche and its audience is willing to try new things, making content or landing pages fairly easy to create.
  2. CPL offers: You can find many CPL offers in every niche; it is a great niche because the conversion rate is quite high, and you can promote it in multiple ways.
  3. Health and Weight loss: One of the most profitable niches since people want to solve their physical and health problems as quickly and easily as possible.

Keep in mind that choosing on a niche is also affected by the method of promotion we discussed before, and if you’re unsure or think it’s overwhelming, just keep reading until the picture becomes clearer to you.

2- Sign up for an affiliate program

The next step is to figure out where you should focus your research for the best affiliate programs to narrow down your choices.
Previously, we’ve discussed some of the best affiliate programs and how they vary from one another. CPALead is a good place to begin.

3- Find the right affiliate program for you

To earn from affiliate marketing (CPA), you must select the right program for you. If you choose the improper program, your time and money may be wasted.
Also, each offer has certain conditions and characteristics, such as:

  • The country (some programs are country-specific)
  • Type of traffic (some programs do not prefer traffic from Facebook, for example)
  • EPC value (Earnings Per Click) for the program.

4- generate traffic

In my opinion, the most challenging part of this process is generating traffic. Because the quality of the traffic is directly related to how much money you will make.
As a result, the most important consideration is whether (Cold Traffic) will be sent directly to the landing page or if the traffic will be warmed up first (Warm Traffic).
I’ll discuss traffic in another article later because traffic is so important.

5- Improve the conversion rate by analyzing the results of your campaigns

As a CPA affiliate marketer, it’s important to analyze the data generated from your campaigns, such as the following:

  • quality of traffic
  • The value of the offers
  • Landing pages
  • The content

Professional marketers use A/B testing to find the best opportunities that bring them the most profits, so you can determine what brings the most profit.

I hope you understand what is CPA and how to find a good niche for your (CPA) affiliate marketing, in the next article I will show you how to get traffic for CPA offers, and how to earn your first $1000.


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