SEOHow to Get Free Traffic from Facebook? Ultimate Guides for Beginners 2022

How to Get Free Traffic from Facebook? Ultimate Guides for Beginners 2022

What can I do to get free traffic? How do I promote my affiliate offers? How do I get people to visit my website so that I can earn money from Adsense? I don’t have the money to run ads; how can I get traffic to my Shopify store?

If you have these questions, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn about the most effective ways to get free and targeted traffic to your site from the best sources.

There are various ways to make money online, with affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and Adsense arbitrage being among the most effective. with o Only one of them can earn you more than $1,000 per month.

Getting traffic for your website or store, or even promoting affiliate products without having a website, is not as difficult as you might believe, but the most challenging aspect is having this traffic targeted in order to get conversions.
Many beginners promote their products through Facebook groups or Instagram pages, but the majority of them do not make any sales or profits from affiliate marketing or dropshipping… This is due to the fact that they do not use these platforms correctly.

If you are one of those people, I want you to know that in this free traffic guide, you will not only learn about the best sources, but you will also learn the best way to increase traffic from each source step by step.

Get free traffic from Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular websites used by people daily, with users of all ages, groups, and nationalities around the world.
Most beginners use Facebook, either by marketing ineffectively through various Facebook groups or by failing to take advantage of one of Facebook’s most powerful tools, Messenger.
In the following sections, I will tell you about the best ways to use Facebook effectively to acquire free traffic, whether you have a website or not, and you will also discover that these strategies are applicable to all of the methods of profit from the Internet that we discussed before.

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Use Facebook Pages Correctly

Facebook pages now have no real value unless you have a big page with over 100,000 followers and a strong brand that people are continuously searching for on Facebook.
According to several statistics, the Organic Reach of Facebook pages does not exceed 2.8%, which means that 97.2% of your page followers do not see your new postings.
As a result, the Facebook page can only be used for the following purposes:

  • Branding: If you offer a service or sell products, a Facebook page is required for your customers to communicate with you.
  • Using a Facebook page to install the Facebook pixel and then select your target audience with ads when you have the budget for, it is important whether you have a website or an online business.
  • Install the Messenger Bot to collect data from the people you want to target (this method enables you to collect the information of people interested in what you offer, and then send them offers and news through Messenger for free, as happens in email marketing).

Use Facebook Groups Correctly

Most people that rely on Facebook groups for marketing do it entirely incorrectly; all they do is post some links in various groups and that’s it.

Getting traffic via Facebook groups is the most simple method, but it is a great method for any beginner because it simply requires time and then following the next steps.

1- Improve your profile

Whether you plan to use your personal profile or a separate profile for marketing, you should improve it by adding a profile photo so that people can trust you quickly.
Then, if you have one, use a cover image with links to your website or online store, and your recent posts should always be connected to the niche you are promoting.

2- Select a good niche

You must decide on the niche in which you will focus your efforts in order to be successful, regardless of the method you will use to make money.

3- Search for Facebook groups correctly

When looking for Facebook groups in your niche, don’t limit yourself. For example, if you work in fitness, don’t limit yourself to just fitness and bodybuilding groups.
Consider thinking outside the box and looking in the following directions:

  • Look for Facebook groups for well-known businesses in your field.
  • Find influencers and YouTube channel creators in your niche and join their communities.
  • Look for any potential audience for your market (for example, if you are promoting clothes and fashion for women and girls, why not look for bridal groups, cooking groups… they are all groups where your target audience exists).

Now that you have a good list of groups on which you can rely, don’t overwhelm yourself with researching; instead, set up a specific time in your day to search and gradually extend the list of groups on which you rely.

You must ensure that the groups on which you will rely are active, which means that there are always new posts, comments, and interactions with each post so that you would not waste time.

4- Promote on Facebook groups the right way

Never post anything with the purpose of directly marketing your affiliate offers or products; do not say things like “Click here and you will find excellent offers – Discover the secrets of weight loss from here – 50% off my new products – visit my website to learn more”.

All of these are completely incorrect methods of promotion; people on Facebook do not care about you or what you provide; they are just interested in their own interests, and most big groups will ban you if you keep self-promoting.

You must show interest in your niche, engage with users, and provide them with free advice and information without promoting your website or store unless you provide assistance.

For example, if you are promoting affiliate offers in the niche of health and fitness and one of the group members asks questions about a specific matter in which you are an expert, provide him with advice and information, and if he continues to ask, provide him with a link to an article on your site to assist him.

Also, most users will click on your profile if they see you are an active person, and then they will see links to your site or the products you are promoting, and you will naturally get traffic.

5- Collaborate with groups admins

After some time of engagement in a group and the publishing of helpful and effective information, you may promote your website or store on the group, and you can also ask group admins to publish your content, especially if you are an active person who continuously helps members.

6- Send messages to active members

Any group with active members, write to them on a regular basis, talk to them in a friendly manner, especially if they are looking for something you are an expert in, and then provide them links to your website, your business, or the affiliate offers you promote when you find a good chance.

7- Create your own group

You must create your own group because, as time passes and the number of your friends and interactions grows, it will be difficult for you to interact and follow in all groups, so you must gather followers and those who are interested in one place.
Then use the big groups to promote your group and increase its members.
Be careful not to use your group only for promotion; instead, share valuable posts and general knowledge in your niche, as well as funny posts, images.

You may also spend time speaking with members to answer their questions, and you can rely on live broadcasts to engage with members personally to build interaction in the group.
All of these things will build trust, and as a result, people will buy from you and the offers you promote, as well as the affiliate products you recommend.

Use the Facebook Audience Network

Many beginner marketers are unaware that Facebook has an earning program similar to AdSense called Facebook Audience, which is, of course, not as powerful or profitable as AdSense… We will not use it to earn from it in any case.
Everyone knows that Facebook does not like to redirect visitors to different links and websites; instead, it wants users to stay on Facebook as long as possible to see ads.
There is also another issue, which is the Internet’s speed. The speed of surfing various websites will be slow if you use your phone and not Wi-Fi.

As a result, Facebook created the Facebook Instant Articles service, which allows website owners to publish their articles and content directly on the Facebook platform.
Where Facebook caches the content on its servers and compresses the size of the pictures to make browsing articles as quick as possible.
Moreover, Facebook makes use of these articles and places ads in them (similar to how Google places ads in articles via Adwords), which is incredibly beneficial to content owners.

As a result, if you have a blog and provide content that can make use of this service, you will receive free traffic from Facebook, and because you have become a publisher and your content can be used in ads, Facebook will market your articles well and leverage Facebook traffic.
As I previously stated, you can benefit directly from this method, but you should be aware that the visitors you will receive from Facebook in this manner will not be able to see AdSense ads, but instead just Facebook ads.

This method is better suited for people who make money through affiliate marketing and lead generation.

How to Make the Most of Facebook

To get the most out of Facebook, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do not include links directly in your Facebook posts; instead, include a picture and then include the link in the comments, or invite people who are interested to send you a message so that you may send them the link. This will allow you to avoid the Facebook algorithm.
  • Use the video, and I recommend relying on Facebook Watch, as there are people that make millions of views using this strategy alone and for free.
  • The best times to post on Facebook are weekends in the morning and evenings at 8 p.m in the rest of the weeks.
  • Because the Facebook audience is interested in new topics, trends, and hot topics, make sure that your posts focus around these topics, and it is recommended that your posts in a the form of questions to get the most engagement.
  • Use the Facebook pixel to create a Lookalike Audience and a Custom Audience so you can target them with ads.


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