Why Email Marketing is Important in 2021


Email marketing indeed belongs to the old marketing system, and some marketers believe its impact has become weak. However, it is still considered one of the most potent and important e-marketing channels since it is a key component of any online business’s marketing process.

It works alongside the other marketing channels and complements them.

Email marketing continues to be and will not be consumed because all that takes place on the internet is, in one way or another, connected with email, the first and most important official Internet means of communication.

Professionals in eCommerce know the value of email marketing. The return on email marketing investments is usually higher than most other marketing channels.

Email is also one of the best channels for contacting interested clients and sharing the latest news, products, and services with a public you already know, so it is time to take advantage of this most influential and sales channel.

What is Email Marketing?

Why Email Marketing is Important in 2021 - MarketingLoup

Email marketing is one of the oldest and best e-marketing strategies, through which you can get highly targeted visitors to your company website or online store.

Email marketing depends on communication between a site and the target users of this site. It is a marketing method that enables you to send marketing messages to users who have visited your site before.

To understand the importance of email marketing, all you have to do is open your email(Gmail, Outlook.. etc.), and you will find messages from Facebook telling you that you have new friend requests with a link to return to open your account.

You will find messages from the online stores that you have purchased from before, telling you that there are products suitable for you, and you will find other messages from some sites telling you that there is new important content added to the site.

And you will find many, many other marketing messages; in fact, there is no strong business on the Internet and does not use Email Marketing.

Importance of Email Marketing Visitors

Why are email visitors considered important? The answer boils down to the way the mailing list was compiled.

As the visitor subscribes to the mailing list willingly, he is expected to receive emails with new offers or marketing messages that are mainly of interest.

For example, if you work in affiliate marketing, and suppose that you choose to market products related to recipes (such as a book, guide, or cooking guide).

If you are an email marketing user, you will actually take visitors first to your landing page before entering the product sale page.

In this case, you will offer your visitors to join your mailing list, and you will motivate them by giving them a free book, for example.

Assuming that they have actually purchased what you are marketing or not, you can still reach them via email; they are now very targeted visitors in everything related to the field of cooking and recipes, and therefore you can market the same product or market other products to them in the same field.

In this case, they know very well that they will receive emails with marketing offers when they subscribe to your mailing list.

But if you are one of those who are not looking to build mailing lists of visitors who get them, you lose a lot.

Email Marketing Benefits

Why Email Marketing is Important in 2021 - MarketingLoup

1. Ease of adjusting the tools through which you can get your mailing list

Just Signup to one of the companies that provide email marketing services (we will make a list of the most important of these companies), put the company code on your site or your landing page, and start collecting your mailing list.

Of course, you can set the messages automatically to reach each subscriber according to exactly what you plan, and everything can be set automatically as you specifically want.

2. Cheap cost compared to the benefits that can be gained through it

All you have to do is pay the company that provides the email marketing service, use the same visitors or customers you have, and you will get double benefits from it.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, email marketing has a return on investment that is not comparable to any other marketing channel.

3. The ability to measure results accurately

You can easily track the results, in terms of the percentage of those who opened the email out of the total recipients, and the number of people who clicked on the link in the message….etc, through the company that provides Email Marketing services.

4. This type of marketing is characterized by a personal view of the customer

This means that you can formulate an individual message that appears to each customer, as the e-mail marketing services let you start with the customer’s name.

Not only that, but you can also set certain messages to be sent at certain times, and you can send a message according to certain events, e.g., at the beginning of subscription, to thank the user for subscribing to the mailing list.

First of all, it is a personal message coming from the customer’s personal email, making email marketing a very efficient marketing channel.

We have concluded the theoretical part of the definition of email marketing, its importance, and its benefits.


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