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Best Free SEO Tools for Marketer 2022

Do you have any complaints about the cost of paid SEO tools? Are you looking for free spying and data analysis tools?

If you are this person, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you the 17 best free SEO tools that offer great features and help you solve many problems.

But first, let me clarify something… How will you use these tools?…
You are mistaken if you believe that these tools are only used to gather information about keywords and On-Page SEO.

These tools are not only used by SEO experts, but any marketer must use them to obtain a lot of information that can save him thousands of dollars.

Let me give you some examples of how you can use these tools:

  • Spying on landing pages that promote various affiliate offers.
  • Recognizing the most important keywords that represent the problems that your target audience faces in to include them into your marketing campaigns.
  • Monitoring the most effective marketing campaigns (Facebook ads, emails, Google and YouTube ads…) used by competitors and successful marketers in any niche.
  • Use A/B testing to analyze landing pages and traffic in order to increase profits.
  • Make a survey of any website and extract whatever information you want (addresses, comments, links…).
  • Come up with new and profitable niche ideas.
  • Find the best influencers in any niche, whether they are individuals or websites.
  • Spying on any website and knowing how much traffic it receives and the sources it uses with the click of a button.
  • Discover which tools and extensions (such as the Facebook Pixel) are used by any website so that you can learn and improve yourself.

There is a lot of information that you can extract using these tools.

This information could help you earn thousands of dollars with little effort, either by discovering a new idea or niche or by improving the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

In this guide, you will find the 17 best free SEO tools that will help you extract data and ideas, and you will be surprised to learn that many marketers consider some of these tools to be better than paid ones in many cases.

Not only that, but you will also find information on how to use each tool I will mention, as well as some simple ideas and tricks that you can use to achieve more than excellent results.

It makes no difference whether you have a website or not… It makes no difference whether you work in affiliate marketing, Adsense arbitrage, or dropshipping… If you claim to be a marketer, you must become familiar with these tools.

That is why I recommend that you read every word in this guide; you will find between the lines some tips and tricks that will help you become a better marketer, and I will also ask you several requests that will benefit both us and you… Agreed? So, let’s go!

Here are the best SEO tools you can use.

1-Ahrefs Free Backlinks Checker

You may use this free tool from the Ahrefs company in a very smart way, and before you think we are talking about backlinks and ranking websites in search results, you are wrong.

We will use this free tool to spy on landing pages and marketing campaigns promoting various affiliate offers that we are interested in and want to earn from.

You only need to type in the URL of the affiliate offer you’re looking for, such as offers:

  • ClickBank.
  • Any product from Amazon, it is recommended not to be very popular, because you will find a huge number of links.
  • Any offer on CPA networks.

Put the link to your offer in this (free plan gets you about 100 backlinks for each URL checked) and click check backlinks as shown in the image.

backlinks checker
Ahrefs Free Backlinks Checker

You’ll be able to see a lot of sites, forums, and landing pages that are promoting this offer by looking at all of the pages that are linked to the offer page.

To spy on your competitors and learn how they promote their products, you can sign up for their mailing list so that you can keep up with their marketing campaigns for different products.

There are paid versions of this tool that allow you to find affiliate sites that promote any offer.

In addition to Ahrefs, there is also a free Moz Link Explorer tool that does the same thing as Ahrefs, but you must register a free account to use it.

2- Multi-Highlight extension

It’s an excellent browser extension that lets you search for many words at once by highlighting any word in the English language.

To use this tool, you can think of it as a more advanced version of Control + F, which we use to search for any word on any website.

Use this simple tool to find out what words your competitors are using in their landing page copy.

3- Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to see how visitors to your website or landing page engage with your content, including the links they click and the amount of time they spend there.

You can perform A/B Testing using this tool, which means that you can test the following things:

  • Titles.
  • The call-to-action (CTA).
  • The design

One of the most significant things you can learn is how to increase your site’s conversion rate by including these and other aspects.

4- Answer The Public tool

Although there are many paid tools that can do the same, expert marketers rely on this free tool a lot of the time to find out what people are searching for in any given niche.

You can use this tool to:

  • Searching for Long Tail Keywords your audience is looking for.
  • Get fresh ideas for your marketing campaigns (headings – sentences – questions).
  • Discover the sub-questions that your target audience is asking on the landing pages of any product or service you are trying to promote.

5- Keywords Everywhere

Chrome and Firefox browser extensions that tell you how many people are searching for a descriptive word, as well as the competition and the cost per click for that word, all in one place.

This tool is quite useful, especially if you work in the field of Adsense, you can learn how to use this tool and others to do keyword research and spy on competitors, it is easy to use.

6- Screaming Frog

It is possible to scan any website in the world with Screaming Frog, which is the gateway to the world of data.

You can get the following:

  • Links to other websites.
  • Find any pages that contain a certain set of keywords.
  • Identify pages with certain titles (H1 – H2 – H3).
  • Using forums and large platforms such as Reddit and Medium, look for articles and topics that have alot of activity in a specific field.
  • Build a list of people who are interested in your offers.

Other than that, you can scan any site using the free plan of this tool as long as the number of pages does not exceed 500 at a time.

This tool may be difficult to use, but it is well worth the effort. If you’d want me to make a tutorial on how to use this tool let me know in the comments below.

7- Ubersuggest

The famous marketer Neil Patel tool, which is available for free to compete with the major paid SEO tools, has several useful features, including:

  • Search volume for a wide range of keywords (related – Suggested).
  • Cost per click for each keyword.
  • Competition Score.
  • Inspecting any website (knowing the search volume – the best pages in terms of traffic – the keywords that top search engines for).
  • Determine the number of times a website has been shared on Facebook and Pinterest.
  • You can search in many languages and you can also choose the country from which you wish to search for more precise results.

Neal is always updating the tool and adding new databases; however, I recommend that you try it if you haven’t already; you’ll find a lot of useful data in it.

8- Search operators

The search engines are many, and I believe you are familiar with the majority of them.

What I want you to understand is how to use these triggers to gather a lot of information; here are some examples.

Let’s imagine you are using the Fortnite niche by promoting the Free Generator. Take a look at the image below to see how I searched for all YouTube videos using the keywords Fortnite and generator in the title.

how to search in google search engine
How to search on google the right way inurl:watch intitle:fortnite generator

Take a look at the number of search results we found, and if you try it yourself and get to the second page of results, you will also find videos on Free skin Generator and many others.

This way, you’ll be able to find ideas for videos you want to make or promotions you can use on YouTube, and that’s not all.

Most of these videos have links in the description to the landing pages they promote, which you can visit and spy on, and you might find an idea or information that you can use on your landing page or in your traffic to improve your profits.

Not only that, but when you search in this way, you can learn about new niches and ideas. For example, try searching for “Free Account Generator” rather than “Fortnite Generator.”

There will be a variety of results, and if you search, you will discover fresh ideas and topics that you may use to earn hundreds of dollars.

There are countless examples of search operators being used in really smart ways, and if you want more, let us know in the comments.

9- SEO Minion extension

A simple, great extension that allows you to know all the details of On-Page SEO for any web page, and it distinguishes itself by displaying all the links on this page in different colors.

This leads you to search for information on how to promote blogs in any niche to affiliate offers.

10- SEO Powersuite Software

Great software that you can download on Windows which does all of the functions of well-known SEO tools, though not as efficiently, but it is enough in many situations, and this software will help you a lot in order to appear in Google Maps through local SEO.

The only limitation of the free edition of this software is that you cannot import the data you collect into CSV, so you must manually copy it.

11- Google Keyword Planner

The free Google tool that it offers to everyone in order to encourage them to use Google Ads, but you use it to find new keywords and niches that you can use, whether you work in Adsense or affiliate marketing.

Do not underestimate the value of this tool; even if you are not interested in advertising, you must become familiar with it.

12- RankMath Plugin

Many WordPress site owners use the popular Yoast plugin for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Automatically generate an XML Sitemap so that your site gets indexed in search engines.
  • You can change the Meta Description for any page on the website.
  • Change the title that appears in search results.
  • Include some essential words on the page.
  • Check that there are no SEO issues on any of the pages.
  • Obtain information from Google Search Console.

RankMath is a new tool that has recently gained the attention of many marketers and SEO experts. It has all of the above features and more. It is faster and has a more user-friendly interface. It also allows you to edit the Rich Snippet for any page.

The Reach snippet includes all of the characteristics that appear in search results, such as (stars for review – questions (People Also Ask) – recipes – and others), which is extremely essential because it significantly increases the CTR.

Personally, i no longer use Yoast and instead use this plugin on all of my WordPress sites.

13- Detailed Links Tool

If you know how to use this free tool correctly, you can find a lot of valuable information.

Choose a niche that interests you (you will find 12 niches such as travel, marketing, technology, cryptocurrencies, health, and others).

According to search engines, this tool provides you with the top 50 most successful and popular websites in this field.

Any website that has linked to this well-known website in the last week will be listed when you select one of them in the tool.

Using this creative search strategy, you’ll come across so many new and important websites, plus lots of profitable new opportunities and niches in the marketing world.

Any affiliate marketer or site owner who relies on or is interested in content marketing should use this tool regularly. There are 12 niches targeted specifically by this tool.

14- SERPerator Tool

The SERPerator tool is one of the best and most frequently used tools on this list.

There are a number of aspects that affect how search results appear for each user, the most important of which are:

Location in the world (country or city within the same country).
In the same country, the language of the search (if you search for the same thing in German and then English, you will find that the results are different).
How was the search conducted?
The type of phone that was used to conduct searches.
You may wonder if your search results will be affected by the type of device you are using, and the answer is definitely yes.

This free tool lets you see the search results based on the above parameters, then you may choose your location, language, and other aspects before starting a search.

There is a lot of information that you can get from this strategy, whether it’s information about yourself or other businesses or even knowledge about the most important products and services in the world.

15- SEOquake Extension

The SEOquake browser extension is one of the best in the SEO world since it combines many excellent features in one place, the most essential of which are:

  • Determine how many pages of the website you view are archived in Google.
  • Knowing how much traffic the site gets from search engines
  • Knowing all of the backlinks on the page you’re on.
  • Knowing all of the backlinks that link to the page you’re on.
  • Learn more about On-page SEO for any page you visit.

And other valuable and great information; sometimes this tool does not provide you with all of this information, especially if the page you are viewing is very new or in other languages than English, but it is a powerful extension and you can benefit greatly from it, regardless of your task.

There are too many tools for the marketer, and there are too many others that I did not mention since I did not want to make this guide too long, but I want you to take this simple information and use it yourself.

Don’t forget to share with us in the comments what you are using


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