Affiliate Marketing3 ways to make money with affiliate marketing in 2022

3 ways to make money with affiliate marketing in 2022

Today’s article will help you earn your first income with affiliate marketing in general and digital marketing (CPA) in particular, as I will share three strategies with you that you can copy and use, and you will see the results.

So read each word carefully and bring a pen and paper with you to note down the information I’ll be sharing with you today!

The three strategies I’ll share with you today will allow you to promote three different offers in the CPA market, which are as follows:

  • Pin-Submit Offers.
  • VPN (CPI) offers.  
  • Sweepstakes offers.

Maybe you are new to affiliate marketing and know nothing about these offers. Don’t worry, today I will share with you all of the information you need to know to get started and achieve your first outcomes from CPA.

But, before I get any further, you need to know what CPA offers are, how they work, and how they differ from affiliate marketing in general.

To make it easier for you, let first understand what is affiliate marketing!

Consider a person who owns a certain product with a price of $20 and wants to sell it; suppose the cost of making that product is $10, so the net profit is $10.

So this person will approach the marketers and inform them that if anyone can sell this product, they will earn $5!

As a result, as a marketer, you will take that product, find buyers for it, and sell it for $5 each sale!

In summary, this is affiliate marketing, you are considered a mediator, and what I love about the CPA is that your role ends as soon as you connect the seller with the buyer and take your commission, and you are not required to provide any support to the customer.

It is not essential to sell anything in CPA. Profits may only be made by bringing in several conversions such as (downloading a specific app, completing a form, entering an email…) and because all of these types of offers are simple to complete and simple to attract the buyer, every beginner chooses to focus in CPA.

There are 3 types of CPA offers we’ll talk about:

  • CPI (Cost per Install): In this case, the marketer receives a commission only if the user downloads a specific application, game, or software.
  • CPS (Cost per Sale): In this case, the marketer receives a commission only if he can convince the user to purchase a specific product.
  • CPL (Cost per Lead): In this case, the marketer receives a commission only if he is able to convince the user to fill out a form or answer a set of questions.

Today’s article will focus on CPA offers, specifically (CPI and CPL), because they are relatively simple offers that can be profitable for any beginner!

What are Pin Submit offers?

In summary, these are offers that need the user to enter his phone number and activate the offer by entering the code received via SMS in an attempt to benefit from a specific service or download something.

In most cases, a credit is taken from the user’s phone in return for that service, which has a monthly subscription and can be canceled at any moment!

Maybe you are asking, how can I promote these offers?

In this article, I will not only share what is theoretical with you, but I will also show you the complete strategies, and all you have to do is copy and paste it so that you, too, can get your first income from this field.

Just to make it clear that the best traffic source for attracting customers is Facebook Ads, followed by Google Ads, as they control 90% of the world’s traffic and have very high-quality visitors.

The problem with both Google Ads and Facebook Ads is that they are strict and do not allow you to promote these types directly on their platforms, so it is recommended to use a landing page as the gateway since it is the one that allows you to effectively increase the conversions.

Assume that regular marketing looks like this:

Traffic Source (Facebook Ads) CPA Offers = $$

However, because Facebook Ads is not a platform that directly promotes affiliates, marketers such as us use landing pages, and current marketing becomes like follows:

Traffic Source (Facebook Ads) Landing Page CPA Offers = $$$

The goal of the landing page is to convince the customer and highlight the features of the offer so that the conversion rate is extremely high.

As a result, you discover that all types of CPA offers require a unique landing page to generate revenue; you cannot use the same landing page with all types of CPA offers because you will completely fail.

After we’ve learned about Pin Submit offers and how they work, we must now choose the best landing pages for these types of offers.

To be honest, the best page I like in this type of offer that gets real results is the “Pin Submit” Download page, which works like this:

landing page pin submit 1
Download Landing Page

As you can see, the page is pretty simple, but it generates amazing results. It shows the user exactly what he needs to do to get what he promised at the beginning, so you can explain to him the steps he needs to do to get what he promised while also receiving your commission.

This is normally the case with Pin Submit offers, which need submitting the user’s phone number and activating the offer via an SMS code that he will receive, and the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Click the button to access the CPA offer page.
Step 2: Submit his phone number.
Step 3: He will be receiving a code on his phone.
Step 4: Enter the code on the offer page.

As you can see, this landing page reduces the process for the user and increases the rate of conversions. You can also use it to promote numerous Pin Submit offers. All you have to do as a marketer is explain what the users will get in your ads, and the landing page will take care of the rest.

Did you notice that promoting CPA offers is not a complicated matter as most marketers explain to you.

However, CPA is very simple, and I describe it as follows:

the right traffic source + the right landing page + the right offer = $$$.

Following that is the process of optimizing the ad campaign through using Split Test, although this method simply helps to boost revenues!

I hope you understand now how Pin-Submit offers work as well as the landing page for this type of offer.

if you didn’t understand something, simply leave a comment down below.

Now that we’ve covered Pin Submit offers and how to profit from them, let’s move on to CPI offers and specifically, VPN offers.

VPN (CPI) Offers

As we all fully understand, CPI offers are offers that ask you to bring in conversions, which is you get a commission for the user to download a specific app, and these offers are relatively simple, but the challenge is convincing the user to download that thing.

So, out of all of these offers in the CPI field, the one that I am most familiar with and that allows me to scale so that I can target everyone is antivirus and VPN offers, but I prefer to work in VPN offers because I frequently rely on Native Ads, which bring good conversions for VPN offers.

VPN offers are grouped into two types:

The first type: pays you as the user download the VPN.
The second type: pays you a percentage when a customer purchases a VPN.

Most marketers prefer the first type because all they have to do is get the client to download the VPN and they get their commission, which ranges from $1 to $4, but I prefer the second type because you can get up to 70% of the user’s purchase value and Recurring Commissions, which means that the longer the person stays using the VPN, the more money I get monthly.

However, if you are a beginner, I recommend that you start with the first type because it is easier, and then move on to the second type once you have gained experience and capital. In this article, I will explain a strategy for the second type, so all you have to do is copy the same strategy and use it.

Now that we understand VPN offers and how they work, we must understand the landing page that is suitable for these types of offers. “Do not use the same landing page with all types of offers!”.

This is the landing page on which I rely in order to promote VPN offers:

vpn landing page
VPN Landing Page

The landing page is quite simple, however, there is a minor adjustment to maximize the conversion rate.

As you may be aware, many websites or videos are blocked in certain countries, and you will need a VPN for a specific country to view that website or content, which is the primary purpose of using a VPN.

So what we do is try to find something special that is in high demand, such as “soccer matches, UFC matches, movies…”

Thus, we bring traffic from any platform with the intention of watching “tournaments, movies…” and then transfer this traffic to the landing page that appears in the form of a YouTube video, but it cannot be watched because it is from a restricted country, and must download a VPN in order to watch it.

The reason this page is unique is that it generates a lot of conversions and has a high conversion rate, especially if what the user wants to watch is very important to them, and often soccer matches and UFC are the ones that generate a lot of conversions, as compared to movies that he can see on any website for free like putlockers.

The great part about this page is that it is evergreen and can be used in any niche.

As always, if you don’t understand something, just leave a comment down below.

After explaining Pin Submit offers and VPN offers, as well as how to make money using them, let’s move on to Sweepstakes offers to wrap up the article.

Sweepstakes Offers

Sweepstakes offers, also known as lottery offers, are among the easiest offers that every affiliate marketer prefers, whether they are beginners or pros, and even the greatest affiliate marketers prefer to do so since you get a commission as soon as the visitor signs up to join the prize drawing.

Most lottery (jackpot) offers do not require the visitor to pay or register bank banking information, so all he has to do is enter his personal information to participate in the competition and you receive a commission, but there are lottery offers that do. The user must enter his credit card details, but it also pays handsomely.

You may not believe it is so simple, but it is, especially if you have the right landing page to promote these types of offers.

sweepstakes page
Sweepstakes Landing Page

As you can see, the page is unique in that it alerts the user that he has won a specific phone, but the benefit of this page is that it is multi-purpose. You can adjust the prize as you see fit based on the offer you’re promoting. You will use the iPhone image to promote the “Win an iPhone” offer. You will be promoting the Samsung deal by using an image of the Samsung phone.

Not only that but this page is meant to promote Sweepstakes offers that also need the user to enter his bank card so that you can inform him ahead of time that he will only pay $1 to win the phone, increasing your conversion rate to the max.

You should be aware that there are Sweepstakes offers that pay you around $22 for each person you bring in to enter their credit card and $3 for simply submitting their information.

CPA is not an easy field, but it is also not a difficult field, especially if you have the right guidance and the right landing page to promote the right offer. That is why I wrote this full guide to demonstrate so that you can also achieve good results on CPA, so all you have to do is copy what I demonstrated today and apply one of these three methods.

As you know, in order to use the landing pages and use what I have taught you today, you must have your own hosting (WordPress) and domain. If you don’t have a host, check out the best 5 affordable hosting services for WordPress:

5 Best Affordable WordPress Hosting Providers In 2022

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